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A. Enkhbat (Nabucco), S. Hernández (Abigaille), I. Magrì (Ismaele), M. Pertusi (Zaccaria), A. Stroppa (Fenena), E. Zizzo (Anna) - photo: Roberto Ricci

Teatro Regio Parma

Nabucco – 'S’appressan gl’istanti d’un’ira fatale'

Extracts | Verdi

Act II. The High Priest of Baal, followed by Abigaille (Saioa Hernández) and the Assyrian populace, proclaims Abigaille ruler and pronounces a death sentence on the Hebrews. Unexpectedly, Nabucco (Amartuvshin Enkhbat) arrives: he takes the crown and places it on his own head. Conducted by Francesco Ivan Ciampa and directed by Stefano Ricci.

The full performance is no longer available but other material about the production can be found here.