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A. Enkhbat (Nabucco), S. Hernández (Abigaille), I. Magrì (Ismaele), M. Pertusi (Zaccaria), A. Stroppa (Fenena), E. Zizzo (Anna) - photo: Roberto Ricci

Teatro Regio Parma

Nabucco – 'S’appressan gl’istanti d’un’ira fatale'

Extracts | Verdi

Act II. The High Priest of Baal, followed by Abigaille (Saioa Hernández) and the Assyrian populace, proclaims Abigaille ruler and pronounces a death sentence on the Hebrews. Unexpectedly, Nabucco (Amartuvshin Enkhbat) arrives: he takes the crown and places it on his own head. Conducted by Francesco Ivan Ciampa and directed by Stefano Ricci.

Nabucco - Watch the full performance on OperaVision from 17 April to 16 October 2020.