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Violetta's Ghosts

Enter Violetta's troubled inner world

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Violetta’s Ghosts is a short animated film based on Verdi’s La Traviata. 

The haunting music of the opera’s prelude forms the soundtrack. In the opening sequence a young woman, Violetta, confronts a giant X-Ray of her chest. Faced with her own mortality, she escapes into a fragile world of dreams and memories.

The film was made using an unusual mixture of animation, contemporary and archive footage. Directed by Max Hoehn (a prize-winner at last year’s European Opera Directing Prize), the film is intended as both an experiment in form and an exploration of the inner world of one of Verdi’s most memorable characters using this touching musical fragment.



A Film by Opera Lab Europe

Directed by Max Hoehn

Designed by Lucia Cavalli and Jemima Robinson

Animation by Lucia Cavalli

Featuring Inês Simões 

Music taken from Decca’s 1994 live recording of La Traviata with the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House conducted by Georg Solti

Supported by Independent Opera at Sadler’s Wells