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I look for the think

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Stroke survivors, community singers and healthcare professionals collaborate in a new opera film, drawing on the fundamental themes of love and hope in Beethoven’s Fidelio. Garsington Opera teams up with arts in health organisation Rosetta Life and NHS England to use opera as a valuable tool in stroke recovery.

I look for the think, a new work by Orlando Gough, explores the uncertainty and anxiety of being discharged from hospital after a stroke for both patient and carer: the challenges of loving anew. For the patient, it can be a painful journey to find a new way of living with the altered capacity to move, speak and express themselves. For the carer, it throws up heart wrenching questions of whether their new charge is the same person they fell in love with and can they fall in love with the new person they've become?

Leonore’s aria from Fidelio, which refers to her love for someone she cannot see clearly, has been reworked through the experience and words of a real-life couple, Kim and Sarah. Kim is a stroke survivor and Sarah his wife; their own experiences of leaving hospital and starting life outside it, their journey together as a couple, their experience of walking together when speech was impossible, and their love story, has been drawn upon for this piece. Finding the voice of the carer in a hospital and patient situation was an important artistic impetus for this new opera.

I look for the think will be available until 28 October 2021.