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#OperaHarmony - 4°

Digital Opera

Week 4 of the #OperaHarmony series concentrates on movement - of feet, letters, people and stolen disinfectant wipes - and stillness.

#OperaHarmony brought together opera makers everywhere to create short digital opera pieces during confinement. Exploring a new medium, embracing new technologies and devising novel ways to create, produce, and share their work, #OperaHarmony contributed to building bridges between people, disciplines and media.

Vote for your favourite digital opera from 25 to 31 August 2020.

1. My Neighbour Figaro
Alone in lockdown and living below three opera singers “working from home”, one woman decides to document this extraordinary moment in time.


Composer & Piano: Caleb Glickman | Libretto & Soprano: Emily Gallagher | Director: Rebecca Marine | Mezzo-Soprano: Charlotte Badham | Tenor: Andrew Irwin | Baritone & Audio Engineer: Joseph Sandler | Video Editor: Hannah Marine

2. La Solitudine
A journey of four individuals who, running away from their lives, get caught in a state of isolation. In the search of an exit they are confronted only with the reflection of themselves – the mirror.


Composer: Harry Sever | Librettist: Suzanne Lemieux | Director: Giulia Giammona | Soprano: Esther Mallett | Actors: Markus Müller, Carolin Kaiser, Lena Weissinger, Dariusz Voltra

3. Walk Out of Yourself
Part-diary, part-drama, Walk Out of Yourself was co-created by the Voicings Collective in a series of daily walks and ensemble rehearsals.


Composer/vocalist/piano: Michael Betteridge | Vocalist/co-creator: Robert Gildon | Writer/illustrator: Rebecca Hurst | Vocalist/co-creator: Robine Landi | Director/vocalist: Freya Wynn-Jones | Oboe/co-creator: Beatrice Hubble | Sound designer: Jonas Rose Høeg | Editor: Nick Light

4. Grief
Grief, after a medieval correspondence between pupil and master, considers the pain of bereavement.


Composer: Nils Holger Petersen | Librettist: Amanda Holden | Director: John Savournin | The Old Master: Andrew Slater | A Pupil: Joel Williams | Flute/Piccolo: Katie Saznova | Viola: Bart Folkers | Harpsichord: Jane Chapman | Sound Editor: Jonas Rose Høeg

Inside 88 west 66th street, someone has STOLEN disinfectant wipes from the basement. Follow concierge Sofia as she determines who is a thief and who has simply lived in New York too long.


Sofia: Gilda Lyons | Theo: Will Liverman | Hope: Anna Laurenzo | Ming: Vivian Yau | Pablo: Santiago Pizzaro | David: Benjamin Rauch | Susan: Jaylyn Simmons | Skye: Britt Hewitt | Nancy: Raehann Bryce-Davis | Electric Guitar: Thomas Shuttenhelm | Violin: Anton Miller | Viola: Rita Porfiris | Celtic Harp: Haley Hewitt | Composer: Ken Steen | Writer/Puppeteer: Mary Birnbaum | Directors:  Anna Pool & Mary Birnbaum | Scenic Design & Puppet Maker: Jojo Karlin