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#OperaHarmony – Winners

Digital Opera

And the winners are...Essential Business, A Life Reset and The Den! For the past month, you've had the chance to discover #OperaHarmony, the digital opera series created throughout confinement, and vote for your favourite creations. Many thanks to all participating artists for pointing lively new paths in opera creation, and congratulations to our three winners!

The three prizes on offer are awarded by the Rolf Liebermann Fund, with two further prizes offered to Apart/Mental and How does a building sing by Suzanne Lemieux and Bury Court Opera.

Essential Business
Lockdown 2020, Florida USA. Churches are open but social distancing has changed worship forever. A small but vocal group of fundamentalists think it’s a hoax. One pastor is about to discover the consequences.

A Life Reset
During the COVID-19 lockdown, Anna, who lives alone seizes the opportunities life online now offers her. But will these inclusive opportunities last?

The Den
Aimee & Joe are hiding in their den, escaping from their over-zealously cleaning mum. Outside, the world is bewildering and a little bit weird. But in their Isolation Igloo, Aimee and Joe are superheroes cooking up a plan to defeat King Corona & his evil super spreaders.