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Mia Mandineau

Long Story Short


Mia Mandineau, a student opera singer and young French YouTuber, breaks down operas on her channel, L'opéra et ses zouz. OperaVision has teamed up with her to offer you some brilliant summaries of popular operas streamed on our platform, complete with humour, drawings and quirky references to current events. What does she have to say about them? Watch her videos to find out!

Long Story Short: Pelléas et Mélisande
It took Debussy 12 years to write his single opera but it takes Mia only 12 minutes to sum it up. If you never really understood this intriguing and obscure work, here is enough to enlighten your path towards the gloomy realm of Pelléas, Mélisande and Golaud.

Long Story Short: The Barber of Seville
'Did you realise that in operas, they always have to make things more complicated?'
To our great relief, Mia Mandineau is back to make The Barber of Seville simple for us.

Long Story Short: The Gambler
'Did you really think that a Russian opera would actually end in wealth and love?' Discover Mia's new video summary of Prokofiev's opera.

Long Story Short: Trouble in Tahiti
Once again, Mia offers us a refreshing and humorous summary before the streaming of Leonard Bernstein's opera Trouble in Tahiti.

Long Story Short: Nabucco
To be Verdi honest, making you smile in these viral times can be hard. Our French YouTuber and conservatoire student, Mia Mandineau, has come to our aid cutting her own take on Nabucco. Quick, over to Mia's flat where she is waiting to tell you the story...

Long Story Short: Rusalka
More than anything in the world, Rusalka, a mysterious and elusive water nymph, yearns to become human to win the heart of a young prince. But this metamorphosis comes at a price: she will lose her voice and be damned forever should their love story fail.

Long Story Short: Tosca
A famous singer lives only for art and love. But when she finds herself caught in a web of politics, corruption, lies and lust, she is forced to make a terrible choice.

Long Story Short: Don Giovanni
A philandering nobleman lives without a care for the consequences of his actions. But when one of his conquests ends in murder, he finds himself on the run, pursued by disgruntled ex-lovers, fiancées and a force from beyond the grave.

Long Story Short: Carmen
When a free-spirited Gypsy is arrested, an impressionable soldier is charmed into letting her go. But having risked everything to be with her and lost, his hopes of happiness soon turn into a jealous rage.