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Staatsoper Hannover

Young lives in Hannover

Young Artists

To Hannover, where we meet three young singers from the Staatsoper: Darwin Prakash, Mumbai-born new recruit to Opera Studio; Sarah Brady, the Irish soprano who recently joined the Ensemble; and James Newby, a British baritone who won the 2016 Kathleen Ferrier Awards. How do they balance their time between the opera house and other passions? Hear these young artists as they enjoy: learning a new work by Philip Venables and mushroom picking; performing Britten and horse riding; singing Mozart and playing rugby.

OperaVision celebrates World Opera Day on 25 October in the company of young artists from seven opera studios.

Through filmed performances and fly-on-the-wall documentaries, discover the next generation of talent from Tokyo, Paris, London, Hannover, Amsterdam, Warsaw and Rome, throughout World Opera Day.

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25.10.2021 at 16h00 CET

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25.04.2022 at 12h00 CET

BaritoneDarwin Prakash
SopranoSarah Brady
BaritoneJames Newby