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Opera for Peace
Opera for Peace

Opera for Peace

Palazzo Grazioli Silaw, Via del Plebiscito 102, 00186 Roma

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Opera for Peace – Leading Young Voices of the World is a new cultural movement for the lyric art form reflecting the reality of today's globalised and diverse world, building an inclusive and creative future together through passion, determination and collaboration. We are the largest worldwide organisation, working in six continents, serving as a reference for opera professionals: connecting, supporting, and promoting these outstanding artists through our network. Additionally, we focus on offering support and guidance to artists from disadvantaged backgrounds who don’t have ready access to career development and advancement opportunities, promoting social justice and equity. We focus in different strategic regions to offer local support, mentorship and empowerment, and most importantly, a way to connect to the wider global cultural community.

Our three main areas of work are: Artistic Development - where we work with our extensive network of established artists and international partner organisations to provide young singers and opera professionals with a uniquely tailored program of educational, performance, and advancement opportunities for their career; Connections - acting as an umbrella organisation, through wide-ranging academies in different continents, we strive to connect diverse artists and institutions to a wider cultural community offering meaningful experiences, cultural exchanges, classes and events; Innovation - our team is actively collaborating on projects with global leaders in the fields of circular economy, sustainability, and technology, to bring a bolder approach to opera and its future impact on people and our planet.

Working closely with opera houses, orchestras, festivals, institutions, and international organisations we will facilitate cultural understanding by connecting and guiding the world's next generation of opera professionals, who will become ambassadors for our values, uniting and positively influencing society and future generations. We provide a platform for our network of artists and industry partners to speak about the essential social issues facing our world and society today.