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Monika Rittershaus

Royal Swedish Opera

Der ferne Klang – 'Du willst wirklich fort, Fritz'

Extracts | Schreker

Act I. Fritz (Daniel Johansson), a young, ambitious composer, lives in a small German town. He abandons his true love, Grete Graumann (Agneta Eichenholz), who is from a family of simple means, to devote himself to his music. He sets off in search of a distant sound that he hears within, one he finds hard to put down on paper. Unfettered and free, he hopes to find the mysterious sound that still eludes him. Since he still loves Grete, he promises to return to her as soon as he has established himself as a composer. Conducted by Stefan Blunier and directed by Christof Loy.

Der ferne Klang - Watch the full performance on OperaVision from 19 October 2019 to 18 April 2020.