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Behind the scenes of La fille du régiment

Backstage | Donizetti

In this behind the scenes of La fille du régiment, we meet an Italian opera journalist, Alberto Mattioli. He introduces us to this ‘opéra comique’ premiered on 11 February 1840 at the theatre in Paris of the same name. Donizetti is described as a ‘glocal’ composer by the journalist since he is both rooted to his city Bergamo, inspiration for his scenarios, and open to international influences. Donizetti was the only Italian composer invited to write for the Opéra Comique and given the succès of the opera, and not without some envy from his French peers. The opera skilfully combines patriotic subjects with a romantic story and a happy ending!

La fille du régiment - Watch the full performance on OperaVision from 13 May 2022 to 13 August 2022.