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Iko Freese

Komische Oper Berlin

Blaubart – 'Zwar gibt's im Dorf einige Mädel'

Watch an extract from Offenbach's Blaubart staged by Stefan Herheim

Extracts | Offenbach

Act 1. Country girl Fleurette is in love with the shepherd boy Saphir. But as we will soon find out, Fleurette is the Princess Hermia, abandoned in infancy and taken in by kind shepherds. And Saphir is also a prince, in disguise because he loves Fleurette. Boulotte is another country girl who pursues Saphir determinedly: 'well, cute or not, no one here ‘s as hot as Boulottewhen it comes to flirting and kissing'. Conducted by Stefan Soltész and directed by Stefan Herheim.

The full performance is no longer available but other material about the production can be found here.