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Agnese Zeltiņa & Didzis Grodzs

Latvian National Opera and Ballet

The Flying Dutchman – 'Die Frist ist um'

Extracts | Wagner

Seven years since he last set foot on land, The Dutchman (Egils Siliņš) is once again given a brief respite from his eternal wanderings. In this introspective aria he recalls the origins of his curse and longs for the Day of Judgement, having lost all hope for redemption. The intensity of the piece anticipates other bass-baritone monologues that Wagner would write later in his career, including those of Hans Sachs in Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg and Wotan in Der Ring des Nibelungen.

This performance is no longer viewable as video-on-demand for rights reasons but other material about the production is still available here.