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Patrik Borecký | National Theatre Brno

National Theatre Brno

Jenůfa – 'Ej, mamko, mamko, maměnko moja!'

Extracts | Janáček

Act III. Village girls sing and dance a wedding song in honour of Jenůfa (Pavla Vykopalová). She and the Mayor (Ladislav Mlejnek) thank them, and Luca (Jaroslav Březina) asks Jenůfa's grandmother (Jitka Zerhauová) to bless their marriage. Just as Jenůfa's stepmother (Szilvia Rálik) is also about to bless them, Jana (Martina Mádlov) runs in with the terrible news that a baby has been found under the ice. Karolka (Tereza Kyzlinková) tells Števa (Tomáš Juhás) that the wedding has surely been ruined. Jenůfa recognises her little boy’s bonnet and the suspicion of murder falls upon her. The villagers call for her to be stoned but Luca vows to kill anyone who harms her. Conducted by Marko Ivanović and directed by Martin Glaser.

The full performance is no longer available but other material about the production can be found here.