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Rachel Croash, Niamh O'Sullivan & Tara Erraught - photo: Patrick Redmond

Irish National Opera

La Cenerentola – Opening extracts

Extracts | Rossini

'No no non ve', 'Una volta cera un re' & 'O figlia amabili di Don Magnifico'. Act I. In their run-down home, sisters Clorinda (Rachel Croash) and Tisbe (Niamh O'Sullivan) are perfecting their party pieces. Cenerentola (Tara Erraught) sings a little song and gets on her stepsisters’ nerves. Disguised as a beggar, Alidoro (David Oštrek), the tutor of Prince Ramiro, pays the girls a visit. Conducted by Fergus Sheil and directed by Orpha Phelan.

The full performance is no longer available but other material about the production can be found here.