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L'Heure espagnole – 'Adieu, cellule, adieu, donjon !'

Extracts | Poulenc & Ravel

When Torquemada, the old watchmaker, leaves his workshop to check on the city clock, his young wife, Concepción, is visited by three different men courting her. In a (comical) attempt to avoid each other, two of these men, Don Inigo Gomez and Gonzalve, hide in a set of large clocks. When Gonzalve decides to leave his clock, he boldly starts singing the farewell aria 'Adieu, cellule, adieu, donjon', only to discover that Torquemada is right outside the door...

La Voix humaine & L'Heure espagnole - Watch the full performance on OperaVision from 26 March to 26 June 2021.