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Micke Sandström


Love & Politics - 'I Franchi!' (Giovanna d'Arco)

Extracts | Verdi

Giovanna (Joan of Arc) has successfully led the French forces and won a battle against the English. Still, she has been taken captive by them. She is tied to the stake, awaiting to be burned as a witch.

With Love & Politics, Dan Turdén embarks on his position as artistic director of Norrlandsoperan. The opera performance compellingly combines four Verdi operas based on Friedrich Schiller's plays - Don Carlo, I masnadieri, Luisa Miller and Giovanna d’Arco - into a reflection on the many faces of love caught up in political power games.

Love & Politics - Watch the full performance on OperaVision from 27 February to 27 August 2021.