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The Marriage of Figaro – 'Voi signor, che giusto siete'

Extracts | Mozart

Susanna (Julieth Lozano) and the Countess (Josephine Goddard) seem to have convinced the Count (Harry Thatcher) that Figaro (Adam Maxey) was the author of an anonymous letter falsely implying that the Countess has a lover. But just as Figaro and Susanna try to sneak out, Marcellina (Katy Thomson), Bartolo (Timothy Edlin) and Basilio (Joel Williams) burst into the room. They have a lawsuit demanding that Figaro honour his agreement to marry Marcellina since he cannot repay the debt he owes her. With this latest development, the Count triumphantly calls off Figaro and Susanna’s wedding until he has fully investigated the matter.

The full performance is no longer available but other material about the production can be found here.