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Silent Night – Highlights

Based on a momentary truce in WW1

Extracts | Puts

Inspired by true events, Kevin Puts's Silent Night tells the story of the spontaneous Christmas truce between French, German and Scottish soldiers during the first World War. The opera, commissioned by Minnesota Opera, won the composer the Pulitzer Prize in 2012. 

Chad Johnson - Nikolaus Sprink
Sinéad Mulhern - Anna Sorensen
Philip Horst - Lieutenant Horstmayer
Alexandros Tsilogiannis - Kronprinz
Alexander Sprague - Johnathan Dale
Ian Beadle - William Dale
Quentin Hayes - Father Palmer
Gavan Ring - Lieutenant Gordon
Koji Terada - British Major
Mathew Worth - Lieutenant Audebert
Quirijn de Lang - Poncel
Scott Wilde - General Audebert
Kate Allen - Madeleine Audebert
Jamie Rock - Gueusselin

Composer: Kevin Puts
Librettist: Mark Campbell

Director: Tomer Zvulun
Music director: Michael Christie

Choreography: James Cosgrave
Costumes: Vita Tzykun
Sets: Erhard Rom
Lighting: DM Wood