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Teatru Tal-Opra Aurora

Teatru Tal-Opra Aurora

Tosca – 'Te Deum'

Lucio Gallo sings the 'Te Deum' from Puccini's Tosca at Teatru Tal-Opra Aurora

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Act I. Scarpia (Lucio Gallo) sends the police agent Spoletta (Roberto Lachini Virgili) to follow Tosca. As the church celebrates Napoleon’s apparent defeat with a Te Deum, the Chief of Police indulges in his plan to steal Tosca for himself.

Opera critics interpret the juxtaposition of the nefarious Scarpia with the glittering Church triumphant as a deeply meaningful message that Puccini wanted to convey. It is true that the Te Deum brings together the competing forces of love, lust, power, politics and religion as they collide with each other. But for Stage Director Vivien Hewitt, the rousing finale of Act I was Puccini's recollection of memories when little Giacomo and his forefathers played the organ in Lucca. The composer's aim, according to Hewitt, was to recreate the mystic aura and the shimmering awe that mortals create to evoke and invoke the Divine.

Baritone Lucio Gallo gives an exceptionally powerful rendition of Scarpia's vengeful and lustful monologue over the Aurora Opera Chorus's Te Deum, then once again following the extraordinary calls for an encore. Colin Attard conducts the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra with costumes by Luke Azzopardi, sets by Andrew Borg Wirth, and trompe-l'œil paintings and decorations by Paul Falzon. This production premiered on 13 October 2018 and the video footage was created by Malta’s Public Broadcasting Services Ltd.