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World Opera Day 2021

25 October - Celebrating the next generation of talent from across the world

OperaVision’s celebration of World Opera Day has young artists at its heart. Festivities begin already on 18 October with the new production from Tokyo of Carmen. On 20 October we continue the build up with a Caucasus Gala from Azerbaijan. We travel to World Expo in Dubai on 23 October in the company of young artists from Dutch National Opera and Staatsoper Hannover to mark EU Honour Day.

Operavision Masahiko Terashi

New National Theatre Tokyo

With equal parts danger and desire, Carmen is an intoxicating cocktail that never fails to excite the senses. French mezzo-soprano Stéphanie d'Oustrac plays the seductive heroine with a rock ‘n’ roll attitude who bears more than a passing resemblance to Amy Winehouse. Spanish director Àlex Ollé’s production is conducted by Kazushi Ono at the New National Theatre Tokyo.


Carmen - Watch the full performance on OperaVision from 18 October 2021 to 18 January 2022.

Operavision Vladimir V Postnov

Caucasus Gala for World Opera Day
Azerbaijan State Opera Theatre | Heydar Aliyev Concert Palace


In preparation for World Opera Day on 25 October, OperaVision travels to Baku Azerbaijan for the closing concert in the International Azerbaijan Vocal Festival at the Heydar Aliyev Palace. Showcasing the finest voices from Azerbaijan and other countries in the region, this live event is a first for OperaVision. 


Caucasus Gala for World Opera Day - Watch the full performance on OperaVision from 20 October 2021 to 20 April 2022.

On 25 October, wake early for New Zealand Opera’s welcome to World Opera Day, and stay with us until OperaVision closes the celebrations on 1 November with an extract of the award-winning film The Maestro by Thailand’s Opera Siam and the youth orchestra at its heart.

OperaVision celebrates World Opera Day itself on 25 October in the company of young artists from seven opera studios. Through filmed performances and fly-on-the-wall documentaries, discover the next generation of talent from Tokyo, Paris, London, Hannover, Amsterdam, Warsaw and Rome, throughout World Opera Day from 10:00 to 22:00 CET.

World Opera Day Programme, 25 October 2021
10:00 CET - New National Theatre Tokyo
12:00 CET - Opéra Comique Paris
14:00 CET - Royal Opera House Covent Garden
16:00 CET - Staatsoper Hannover
18:00 CET - Dutch National Opera
20:00 CET - Polish National Opera
22:00 CET - Teatro dell'Opera di Roma/Festival Verdi Parma

Operavision HIRATA Mari

New National Theatre Tokyo
10:00 CET


New National Theatre Tokyo’s contribution to World Opera Day focuses on the young artists from their Studio. We follow them as they prepare for their March 2021 production of the rarely performed opera buffa masterpiece by Domenico Cimarosa, L’impresario in angustie, about an impresario in distress trying to cope with uncooperative singers. After times of such global angustie, Tokyo give its young singers a chance to shine.

Operavision Jean-Marie Vaude

Opéra Comique
12:00 CET


Young soprano Jodie Devos is our guide in Opéra Comique’s film about the next generation of talent in Paris.  As a young artist associated with this famous theatre, Devos has a unique perspective on opportunities there for singers which she narrates in words, song and extracts of her performances of French repertoire such as Gounod’s La Nonne sanglante. We visit the beautiful spaces of Salle Favart and see la Maîtrise Populaire de l’Opéra in full youthful voice.

Operavision James Bellorini

Royal Opera House Covent Garden
14:00 CET


We cross to London’s Covent Garden where we have privileged backstage access to the Royal Opera House for World Opera Day. Covent Garden is busy behind the scenes and on World Opera Day we will join past and present Jette Parker Young Artists as we explore one of the world’s greatest opera houses.

Operavision Clemens Heidrich

Staatsoper Hannover
16:00 CET


To Hannover, where we meet three young singers from the Staatsoper: Darwin Prakash, Mumbai-born new recruit to Opera Studio; Sarah Brady, the Irish soprano who recently joined the Ensemble; and James Newby, a British baritone who won the 2016 Kathleen Ferrier Awards. How do they balance their time between the opera house and other passions? Hear these young artists as they enjoy: learning a new work by Philip Venables and mushroom picking; performing Britten and horse riding; singing Mozart and playing rugby.

Operavision Joep Hijwegen

Dutch National Opera
18:00 CET


To Amsterdam next, for a week in the life of the young artists who have recently joined the Dutch National Opera Studio led by internationally renowned soprano Rosemary Joshua. The film, directed by Edwin Vermeulen, follows this group of young artists, who come from as far away as South Korea, as they discover Amsterdam’s imposing stage.  We eavesdrop on audition training and preparations for the Dutch premiere of Denis and Katya with director Ted Huffman.  We enjoy these young talents as they perform and also hear their voices in other ways - through the life stories that have led them from across the world to Amsterdam in 2021 to prepare for the challenging life of an opera singer.

Operavision Polish National Opera

Polish National Opera
20:00 CET


Through its streams on OperaVision of Moniuszko’s operas (and the young singer’s competition that bears his name), Polish National Opera has delighted audiences worldwide with the discovery of the  great Polish composer of the 19th century. Today, young artists from the Opera Academy in Warsaw bring us forward in time with a short concert of 20th and 21st century Polish repertoire directed in a semi-staged performance by Ewa Rucińska. Specially recorded at Teatr Wielki in October for World Opera Day, the programme includes works by Karol Szymanowski, Witold Lutosławski, Szymon Laks, Franciszek Maklakiewicz, Tadeusz Baird, Henryk Czyż and Paweł Łukaszewski.

Operavision Roberto Ricci Teatro Regio di Parma

Festival Verdi Parma & Fabbrica of Teatro dell'Opera di Roma
22:00 CET


World Opera Day closes on OperaVision with opera at its most intimate. Inconfessabile Verdi from  the 2021 Festival Verdi in Parma is a series one-to-one performances in which opera singer and audience member meet soul-to-soul in the intimacy of a church confessional. Close but safe (they are separated by the central partition of a purpose-built confessional), the lucky audience members in Parma will hear young talents from Fabbrica, the young artists programme of Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, deliver soul-searching arias and duets from Aida, Otello and Rigoletto. Thanks to OperaVision cameras, audiences globally can enjoy these performances too, in which young artists and the Studio that nurture them show they are a force for good in today’s world.