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Wisdom of Stone
11.08.2020 at 19h00 CET
Tuesday, August 11, 2020 - 19:00

#OperaHarmony - 2°

Digital Opera

In Week 2 of the #OperaHarmony series, stories of individual and collective responsibility are aggravated by the constraints of confinement and funny vignettes provide welcome distraction.

Uniting under the banner of #OperaHarmony, opera makers came together virtually during the lockdown to create short digital opera pieces. By having to work in a new medium, embrace new technologies and reinvent how to create, produce, and share their work, #OperaHarmony successfully brought people together in innovative ways.

You will be able to vote for the creation you appreciated the most from 11 August to 18 August 2020.


1. Wisdom of Stone

Starring: Anne Sophie Duprels | Librettist & Director: Candace Evans | Music: Rose Miranda Hall | Oboe: Clara Laufente Garcia | Bassoon: Gillian Horn | Cello: Kevin Kirs Verstege | Viola: Bart Folkers | Vocal Coach/Repetiteur: Annette Saunders | Sound and Film Editing: Thomas Hripko


Wisdom of Stone was filmed on location at Chateau de La Rochelambert, and tells the story of a woman who, in quarantine, is faced to confront history and her place in it.



2. Essential Business

Composer, Pianist, Instrumentals, Sound Editor & Filmmaker: Judith Lynn Stillman | Librettist: Anna Pool | Director: Eyalce Ismail | Pastor: Will Liverman


Lockdown 2020, Florida USA. Churches are open but social distancing has changed worship forever. A small but vocal group of fundamentalists think it’s a hoax. One pastor is about to discover the consequences.


3. Sleeping & Waking Are Their Names

Music: Byrony Purdue | Words: Toria Banks | Sleeping: Bryony Purdue | Waking: Juliette Koch | Mother: Linda Hirst | Oboe: Olivia Fraser | Director: Toria Banks | Sound editing & mixing: Bryony Purdue | Video editing: Juliette Koch


A woman has been asleep for 400 years. Her sister never sleeps. Their mother worries.


4. Harold & Keith Attempt To Use Zoom To Discuss The Potential Takeover of Beloved Football Club Newcastle United: An Opera

Composer: Hugh Morris | Librettist: Jamie Eastlake | Director: Jim Osman | Caroline Kennedy: Sally | Flora MacDonald: Keith | Laura Margaret Smith: Harold | Ozlem Celik: Clarinet | Kevin Kirs-Verstege: Cello


Harold and Keith love the football. Especially their beloved Newcastle United. Rumours are at foot that fat cockney is about to sell up. What does that mean for the two old timers?


5. No Room. No Room. No Room.

Starring: Gráinne Gillis, Brittany Hewitt, Zahid Siddiqui, Phil Wilcox | Writer and Director: Gareth Matteyx | Composer and Sound Designer: Ergo Phizmizx | Editor: Fraz Ireland

No Room No Room No Room. presents a series of absurd little vignettes from those of us stuck inside our absurd little rooms.