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Edge of Time
18.08.2020 at 19h00 CET
Tuesday, August 18, 2020 - 19:00

#OperaHarmony - 3°

Digital Opera

Week 3 of the #OperaHarmony series gradually shifts its focus from the lockdown in 2020 to offer parallel narratives of overcoming distance. People have always been separated, whether by war or accidental circumstances, and have always craved human connection.

Brought together by opera director Ella Marchment's project #Opera Harmony, opera makers came together virtually during lockdown to create short digital opera pieces. They shifted their focus from live performances to digital creations and reinvented the way they created, produced and shared their work. #OperaHarmony has built bridges across the distance and creating new synergies.

You will be able to vote for the creation you appreciated the most from 18 August to 25 August 2020.


1. A Fish out of Water

Music Composed and Produced by: Katie Jenkins | Director and Librettist: Mathilda du Tillieul McNicol | Hayley Egan: Video Editor | Improvised Lead Opera Vocals: Britt Hewitt | Background Vocals/ Violin: Katie Jenkins | Guitar: Bryson Kemp

With thanks to the following contributors for sharing their stories: Helen Sharman, John Lockwood, Nicolla Weekes, Rob Preece, Nick Jones, Meg Cox, Deshika Van Haght, Paola Prestini

A Fish Out of Water is a series of stories that have been generously shared during lockdown by a number of people who have experienced isolation during their lives, and their need for human connection.


2. Threshold

Steph: Kady Evanyshyn | Jon: James Schouten | Composer/Musician: James Schouten | Writer: Zoe Vail | Director: Mary Birnbaum | Filmed by: Andrew Evanyshyn, Katherine Schouten, Clare Forbes


March 2020: Suddenly London’s streets are strangely quiet and south of the river, in a grey tower block, two neighbouring families settle into this peculiar new rhythm of life indoors. Jon contemplates the suspension of his medical studies, under the concerned gaze of his parents; Steph won’t give up life as she knows it, her phone her only ally in her family home. Very different products of millennial Britain, Jon and Steph’s chance encounter in the hallway leads to an unexpected friendship.


3. Behind the Lines

Music: Heathcliff Blair | Libretto: Heathcliff Blair and John Ramster |  Director: Jo Meredith |  Soprano: Daisy Brown | Tenor: Florian Panzieri | Video Design: Benjamin Fox


Separated by the First World War, a young engaged couple,  William and Tilly,  can only communicate through letters.


4. Edge of Time

Starring: Daisy Boulton | Director: Ella Marchment | Music & Lyrics: Daisy Boulton | Music & Production: Johnny Stanley | Editing: Daisy Boulton & Johnny Stanley | Dance Videographer: Scott Howard | Dance Choreographer: Jo Meredith


Edge of Time is inspired by Jeremy Gavron’s search for his mother (Hannah Gavron), who tragically took her own life in 1965.