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Susanne Hassler


Inside Don Giovanni (RING AWARD)

A confrontation with oneself

Flashback | Mozart

This performance is no longer viewable as video-on-demand for rights reasons but other material about the production is still available.

RING AWARD 20/21 Finals:
Team Alicia Geugelin (DE) / Christin Schumann (DE) / Pia Preuß (DE) / Elise Schobeß (DE)


The production begins with the death of Don Giovanni: the seconds freeze into an endless moment, expand, become a time loop in the face of death. We experience, from Don Giovanni's point of view, a journey through his memories posing the question: how could it come to this?


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Singers of Graz Opera:
Don GiovanniDariusz Perczak
LeporelloJulian Kumpusch
CommendatoreDaeho Kim
Donna ElviraAntonia Cosmina Stancu
Donna AnnaKatharina Melnikova
Don OttavioPavel Silich

MusicWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
DirectorAlicia Geugelin
Set DesignerChristin Schumann
Costume DesignerPia Preuß
DramaturgElise Schobeß
ArrangementSteven Tanoto
Sound designNick Acorne
RépétiteurPaul Willot-Förster, Maris Skuja
Stage managerJames Jolly

Don Giovanni reaches out his hand to the Commendatore. The waves of fate crash over them, at stake are survival or death in hell. Here the operatic circle that began with the murder comes to a close.
The production begins with the death of Don Giovanni: the seconds freeze into an endless moment, expand, become a time loop in the face of death. What lasts only a moment, in reality, becomes in Don Giovanni's mind a journey through his memories, flinging him from one image to the next and feeding on his visions of what he has experienced. In the process, he is driven by the question: how could it ever have come to this?
Don Giovanni stumbles into a room – ceilings, walls, clothes, all of the same pattern. Mirror images of himself enter the stage. They spring from his memory and are transformed into the particular characters, multiply or disappear, depending on his perception. The confusion as to who is truly who is turned into a principle.
Between hubris and excessive demands, Don Giovanni tries to maintain control and defend his vision of absolute freedom.

Alicia Geugelin
Studied conducting, piano & musical theatre directing. Was nominated for Pavasari, the Latvian National Theatre Prize. Worked at Hamburg State Opera and Opéra National de Montpellier, among others. Winner of the Warnke Prize, winner of the Start Off Competition. Alumna of the Claussen-Simon Foundation and the AMH.

Christin Schumann
Studied scenography in Hanover. Assistantships at Theater Bremen, Schauspielhaus Zürich and in film. From 2018 to 2020 permanent set assistant at Theater Osnabrück. Own work, among others, at Opera Stabile of Hamburg State Opera, Regensburg Theatre and Opéra National de Montpellier.

Pia Preuß
Trained as a fashion tailor, then studied media culture and musicology in Cologne. 2019 Bachelor in Costume Design at HAW in Hamburg, currently studying for a Master's degree there. Work at Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Thalia Theater and Opéra National de Montpellier, among others.

Elise Schobeß
Studied musicology, political science and dramaturgy. Since 2019 artistic doctorate at the HfMT Hamburg on postdramatic musical theatre. Productions at Hamburg State Opera, Opéra National de Montpellier and Steirischer Herbst Graz, among others. Alumna of the Studienstiftung and the AMH.