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Finnish National Opera and Ballet
11.03.2020 at 18h00 CET
Wednesday, March 11, 2020 - 18:00

Finnish National Opera and Ballet

Don Giovanni

An anti-hero in the pursuit of boundless pleasure

Operas | Mozart

The insatiable Don Giovanni is not picky: anyone will do, from Donna Elvira to her maid and the bride at a country wedding. But when one of his conquests ends in murder, he sets off a chain of events that takes him forever closer to his bitter fate.


When the most skillful librettist and the most ingenious composer of their time join forces, the result brims with an irresistible blend of tragedy and comedy. Carnivalistic joy and lust overflow in Finnish actor-director Jussi Nikkilä’s new interpretation of Don Giovanni, marrying modern and rococo styles.

Sung in Italian

The live performance will be subtitled in English. French and German subtitles available soon after the livestream with possibility of auto-translation into more than a hundred other languages.

Available from
11.03.2020 at 18h00 CET

Available until
11.09.2020 at 12h00 CET

Don GiovanniTuomas Pursio
Donna AnnaLiine Carlsson
The CommandantKoit Soasepp
Donna ElviraTamuna Gochashvili
Don OttavioTuomas Katajala
LeporelloMarkus Suihkonen
MasettoHenri Uusitalo
ZerlinaOlga Heikkilä

MusicWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
TextLorenzo Da Ponte
ConductorPatrick Fournillier
DirectorJussi Nikkilä
Set Designertakis
Costume DesignerErika Turunen
Lighting DesignerKalle Ropponen
ChoreographerIma Iduozee
Video Directortakis
Sound designAsko Kuusisto

Act 1

Don Giovanni, a nobleman and libertine, attempts to seduce Donna Anna by pretending to be her fiancé. Anna’s father, the Commendatore, arrives and challenges him to a duel. Don Giovanni kills the old man, upon which he escapes with his servant Leporello. Donna Anna makes her fiancé Don Ottavio swear to avenge her father’s death.

Soon after, they meet Donna Elvira, one of Giovanni’s former conquests. Leporello, however, curtly tells Elvira that she is not Don Giovanni’s first victim and will not be his last, presenting her Giovanni’s long catalogue of conquests. At a country wedding, Don Giovanni seduces the bride, Zerlina. When Donna Anna and Don Ottavio arrive, she recognizes the voice of her father’s masked murderer. Using Leporello as a shield, Don Giovanni escapes once again.

Act 2

Leporello threatens to leave his master, but Don Giovanni bribes him with money and persuades him to help him seduce Donna Elvira’s maid. Exchanging clothes with Leporello, Don Giovanni serenades the maid while Leporello, dressed as Giovanni, diverts Donna Elvira. Zerlina’s fiancé, Masetto, arrives leading a vengeful mob in search of Don Giovanni. After Don Giovanni dupes Masetto and makes his escape, Zerlina comforts her fiancée. Leporello, mistaken as Don Giovanni, must reveal his true identity to escape death.

At a cemetery, Don Giovanni relates his adventures to Leporello. Suddenly, a ghostly voice says that his mirth will soon end. It belongs to the Commendatore’s funeral statue, which Don Giovanni boldly invites to dinner. The statue accepts the invitation. As the dinner begins, Donna Elvira comes to ask him to change his life. At the same time, the stone guest makes his appearance. The statue calls for Don Giovanni to make amends for his past. When the Don claims to have no regrets, flames engulf him.