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La Monnaie / De Munt
24.03.2020 at 19h30 CET
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La Monnaie / De Munt

Don Giovanni

What limits do we place on desire?

Operas | Mozart

Neither God nor commandment, law nor conscience can ever come between Don Giovanni and his insatiable desire. But when he is suspected of having a hand in the death of the Commendatore, tension with his bourgeois entourage mounts…


La Monnaie takes up the challenge to stage the three operas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte together in the form of a trilogy. While each of these masterpieces can be viewed independently of the others, the directors Clarac-Delœuil > le lab and conductor Antonello Manacorda have reimagined Le nozze di Figaro, Così fan tutte and Don Giovanni jointly as one single work. A human comedy in three parts, presenting a large number of interlinked characters and plots.


This production contains scenes of a sexual nature which some viewers may find inappropriate.

Sung in Italian

The live performance will be subtitled in English. French and German subtitles available soon after the livestream with possibility of auto-translation into more than a hundred other languages.

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24.03.2020 at 19h30 CET

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Don GiovanniBjörn Bürger
Donna AnnaSimona Šaturová
Donna ElviraLenneke Ruiten
LeporelloRobert Gleadow
Don OttavioJuan Francisco Gatell
ZerlinaSophia Burgos
MasettoIurii Samoilov
Il CommendatoreAlexander Roslavets

MusicWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
TextLorenzo Da Ponte
ConductorAntonello Manacorda
Set DesignerRick Martin
Lighting DesignerChristophe Pitoiset
Chorus MasterAlberto Moro
DramaturgLuc Bourrousse
Video DirectorJean-Baptiste Beïs & Timothée Buisson
Directors and costumesJean-Philippe Clarac & Olivier Deloeuil (Clarac-Deloeuil > Le Lab)
Orchestra and ChorusLa Monnaie Symphony
Artistic collaboratorLodie Kardouss
GraphicsJulien Roques

Act I

After a long night at Don Giovanni’s private club, the old Commander reaches his notary office. There, he surprises his daughter Anna and Giovanni engaging in an erotic game. Anna runs away. Intending to fight Giovanni, the old man suffers a heart attack and collapses on the floor. Meanwhile, Anna takes refuge in her music room and calls her fiancé Ottavio for help.

Alerted by the noise, Giovanni’s assistant Leporello arrives in the Commander's office and finds Giovanni groping around, his vision impaired. Guided by Leporello, Giovanni picks up the Commander's cane and leaves. Ottavio and Anna arrive in her father's office, where they discover his lifeless body. Ottavio tries to resuscitate him.

Giovanni and Leporello return to the club. A group of Burlesque performers is getting ready for a casting. Among them is the ophthalmologist Elvira, Giovanni’s former partner.
Two firefighters, Ferrando and Guglielmo, evacuate the Commander's body, while investigators interrogate Anna.  

Nearby, Zerlina and Masetto have lunch together, talking about their impending marriage. Zerlina, Masetto and their guests are brought together in the Commander’s notary office. Clerk Curzio invites the fiancés to sign their marriage contract. Giovanni arrives, escorted by Leporello. Giovanni asks Leporello to rid him of Masetto and the guests by proposing that they all go for a drink in his club.

Left alone with Giovanni, Zerlina lets him seduce her. Elvira surprises Giovanni and Zerlina, she leads Zerlina away to explain who Giovanni really is. Groping with his cane, Giovanni stops in front of Alfonso's house and tells him that misfortune has struck him. Anna and Ottavio leave the building. Elvira, hearing them talking with Giovanni, calls out from her balcony, telling them to be wary of him, while Giovanni tries to persuade them that Elvira is crazy. When Anna recognizes that Giovanni is using her father’s cane, she understands the situation and reflects on the day in a new light.

Anna confides in Ottavio and they return to the notarial office. Ottavio is willing to accept everything for Anna's happiness. As the young woman returns to her music room, Ottavio tidies up the Commander's office to cover and protect his beloved. A little later, in front of the building, Giovanni and Leporello review the events of the day with Alfonso and Despina. Leporello is tired of Giovanni's excesses. When everyone goes back to the club, they see the Burlesque dancers and Zerlina and Masetto’s wedding guests.

In his tattoo parlour, Masetto attacks Zerlina. The young woman makes him understand that she did not cheat on him with Giovanni, although she spent a moment alone with him, and they are reconciled. They drive to Giovanni’s club. There, Masetto is cruelly humiliated by Giovanni, while Zerlina discovers a libertine world that she completely ignored.

Suddenly, Ottavio and Anna, dressed in fetish leather outfits, and Elvira, wearing nurse's scrubs, arrive at the club. Giovanni seizes an opportunity to lure Zerlina upstairs, where he tears off her veil and rapes her, before accusing Leporello. Giovanni, now almost blind, can only recognize the three costumed guests, Anna, Ottavio and Elvira, by stroking their faces. While everyone accuses him of Zerlina's rape, he suddenly suffers from a violent ophthalmic migraine.

Act II

Giovanni asks Leporello to force his way into Elvira's office, knowing that he will find his medical records there. The two men settle their accounts. He convinces Leporello to exchange clothes with him, hoping to seduce Elvira's secretary. The two men leave the office just before Elvira returns. Now dressed in Giovanni's coat, Leporello lures Elvira outside. Left alone under the windows of the doctor's office, Giovanni sings a serenade.

Masetto appears, surrounded by radical feminist activists determined to punish Giovanni, who manages to drive them off. In Masetto's tattoo parlour, Giovanni humiliates him by posing as Leporello and flees. Zerlina finds Masetto alone.

On the building’s rooftop, Elvira, under the influence of alcohol, blames the man she believes to be Giovanni. Seeking to escape her, Leporello finds himself trapped in the stairway, blocked by Elvira, Zerlina, Masetto, Anna and Ottavio. They all force him to return to the club and lock him in a metal cage. He then removes his coat, revealing that he is not Giovanni, and manages to escape. Ottavio asks his companions to take care of his fiancée while he is going to have Giovanni arrested. Later, alone in her ophthalmology office, Elvira finds Giovanni's medical records and mourns her lost love.

Alone on the terrace, Giovanni is now almost completely blind. Unhinged, he takes stock of the day and descends towards the Commander’s office. In front of her father's coffin, Anna asks Ottavio for a little more patience before getting married. Back in the notary office, she looks at Giovanni one last time Giovanni, who’s now unable to see her.

Leporello and Alfonso work out a ploy to trick Giovanni: cruelly taking advantage of his blindness, they will make him believe that the Commander has come to participate in an orgy with him.

Elvira returns to show Giovanni his medical records. One last time, she tries to make him understand that, condemned to become blind, he must change his life. Faced with his delusions, she leaves. Leporello and Alfonso's ploy is now in place. But Leporello, who got caught up in the game, has no idea that Giovanni is staging his own suicide. In a last act of defiance, Giovanni gouges his eyes out with a pair of scissors. At the same time, on the lower floor, Ottavio, Anna, Elvira, Masetto and Zerlina proclaim a morality condemning the libertine.