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Den Norske Opera & Ballett - Erik Berg
14.04.2018 at 20h00 CET
Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 20:00

Den Norske Opera & Ballett

La traviata

 Opernwelt magazine “stage director of the year” in 2013, Tatjana Gürbaca offers a refreshing view on one of Verdi’s most famous operas.

Operas | Verdi

Sung in Italian

Subtitled in English, French and German with possibility of auto-translation into 114 other languages.

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14.04.2018 at 20h00 CET

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13.10.2018 at 23h59 CET

Violetta ValéryAurelia Florian
Alfredo GermontMatteo Lippi
Georgio GermontYngve Søberg
AnninaCaroline Wettergreen
Barone DoupholMartin Hatlo
Doktor GrenvilJens-Erik Aasbø
FloraJohanne Højlund
Floras TjenerRolf Conrad
GastoneEivind Kandal
Un commissionarioPietro Simone
Marquis d’ObignyOle Jørgen Kristiansen

MusicGiuseppe Verdi
ConductorJulia Jones
DirectorTatjana Gürbaca
Set DesignerHenrik Ahr
Costume DesignerBarbara Drosihn
Lighting DesignerStefan Bolliger
DramaturgBettina Auer

Act I

At a party thrown by the sought-after courtesan Violetta Valéry for the rich people of Paris, the latter meets Alfredo Germont, a young man from the provinces who has secretly been in love with her for a year. Violetta swears that instant gratification is all that has meaning in life, but nevertheless she cannot keep her eyes off Alfredo and the effect he has on her – not least because at the first opportunity he declares his love for her in the most fervent terms. When they part she gives Alfredo a sign indicating that he may return the following day. After the party is over, she is ready for a new life with Alfredo.

Act II

Some months later. Violetta has completely broken from her Parisian friends and has moved back to the country with Alfredo. When Alfredo realises that Violetta is secretly selling her own property to finance their life together, he is ashamed, not wishing to be supported by a woman. Alfredo's father, Giorgio Germont, seeks Violetta out while Alfredo is away. He demands that Violetta renounce Alfredo so as not to endanger the family's reputation and the forthcoming wedding of Alfredo's sister. Under great pressure, Violetta finally gives way.

She tries to assure herself one last time of Alfredo's love, before leaving in secret. She leaves behind a letter telling Alfredo that she has left him and returned to her old existence in Paris. Giorgio Germont tries to persuade his broken-hearted son to return home to his family, but his attempts are in vain: Alfredo is intent on travelling to Paris to revenge himself on Violetta. 

At Flora's party, the word spreads that Violetta has gone back to her former lover Baron Douphol, and the guests look forward to confronting her after her disappearance from society. Alfredo also arrives and wins a large sum of money at the gambling tables. Violetta privately asks Alfredo to leave the party because she fears for his life. Following an angry confrontation, Alfredo throws the money at her feet in full view of everyone to “pay” her for her services. Germont witnesses the scene, and in the midst of the commotion he rebukes Alfredo, who immediately reproaches himself. Finally, the Baron challenges Alfredo to a duel.


Violetta is alone and close to death. Giorgio Germont has written to her to say he has told Alfredo of what really happened, and that Alfredo wishes to see her. While Violetta is bidding farewell to life, a carnival is taking place in Paris. When Alfredo finally arrives, a desperate Violetta conjures up an illusion of a future with him. Germont's prayer for forgiveness means nothing; it is too late. Violetta expresses a wish to be remembered as a woman who loved. She dies.