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Bjorn Frins
23.05.2021 at 20h00 CET
Sunday, May 23, 2021 - 20:00

Opera Zuid | Dutch National Touring Opera | Dutch National Opera

L'elisir d'amore

A coming-of-age opera

Operas | Donizetti

A sweltering Italian summer evening. The romantic tension between Adina and Nemorino electrifies the air. But they are not alone. A group of friends puts their love and social standing at risk.


Director Marcos Darbyshire’s contemporary version of Donizetti’s comic opera L’elisir d’amore is a coming-of-age opera exploring identity and loss of innocence. ‘There will be a lot of laughter, but with rather than at the characters’ promises the director. The all-Dutch co-production between Opera Zuid, Dutch National Touring Opera and Dutch National Opera features an excellent young cast from the Dutch National Opera Studio.

Premiere in Maastricht streamed LIVE on 23 May 2021.


Sung in Italian with English subtitles. Dutch subtitles available shortly after the live. Additional automatic translations into more than one hundred other languages.

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23.05.2021 at 20h00 CET

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AdinaJulietta Aleksanyan
NemorinoJosé Romero
BelcoreMartin Mkhize
DulcamaraSam Carl
GiannettaBibi Ortjens
OrchestraSouth Netherlands Philharmonic (philharmonie zuidnederland)

MusicGaetano Donizetti
ConductorEnrico Delamboye
DirectorMarcos Darbyshire
Set DesignerAmber Vandenhoeck
Costume DesignerLuis F. Carvalho
Lighting DesignerGlen D'haenens
Musical arrangementPedro Beriso

Secret love, an age-old tale about a love potion, a sultry summer evening and five young protagonists make the perfect recipe for the romantic opera L’elisir d’amore.

The young, somewhat geeky and naive Nemorino is silently and desperately in love with the hip and rich Adina. She, however, is candid about not being in love with him. By ‘chance’, she recites the love story of Tristan and Isolde, a myth about an elixir of love that brings two lovers together. Nemorino then has the idea to acquire a love potion so that Adina will fall in love with him.

Nemorino’s rival, Belcore, soon appears and uses his daring and strength to get Adina’s attention. But Nemorino, determined, tries to convince Adina that he is the one, and she shouldn’t easily surrender to the braggart Belcore. Adina again rejects Nemorino. But he finds himself another glimmer of hope ...

The conman Dulcamara arrives on the scene with an arsenal of miracle cures for every situation. He has a remedy for Nemorino: a magic potion to attract the love of his dreams. Nemorino, convinced his advances will work this time, again tries to woo Adina. Dulcamara’s miracle cure does not work after all. Adina has had enough. To hurt Nemorino deeper, she decides to marry Belcore that same day. Everyone declares Nemorino’s constant begging is making him crazy.

Belcore, playing on Nemorino’s feelings, convinces him to join the army and acquire a reputation and a wage. Nemorino still believes the drug will work. He uses his pay to buy another potion from Dulcamara.

Meanwhile, Dulcamara and Gianetta learn Nemorino has inherited a fortune from a late uncle. The news is a far more powerful elixir than Dulcamara’s potion. However, Dulcamara doesn’t tell Nemorino, who still believes in the magic potion.

Nemorino’s sudden popularity from his new status makes Adina jealous. She dare not admit it, but she is in love with Nemorino. She sees him in a different light and confesses her love to him. Nemorino does not know what is happening. Convinced Dulcamara’s drug is the cause, Nemorino thanks him for winning over his lover. Embittered, Belcore has to endure Nemorino’s victory.