Ocultos, by Gabriel Bucher

With his touching and enlightening documentary, French dancer and director Gabriel Bucher gives us an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the Municipal of Santiago, Chile.

With talent and delicacy, the documentary Ocultos gives pride of place to all those workers in the shadows, without whom the productions could not see the light of day. The young professional ballet dancer, who is a soloist at the Municipal de Santiago himself, has a directed a socially engaged film.

Gabriel Bucher
The idea was to show that technicians are also artists.

The idea was to show that technicians are also artists,’ he explains. As a dancer and soloist, Gabriel Bucher is often on stage, basking in well-deserved applause. ‘The audience sometimes seems to forget the whole production process beforehand, and the people who make it all work.

On the occasion of Tchaikovsky's ballet Swan Lake from the Municipal de Santiago streaming on OperaVision, immerse yourself in the magical and fascinating world behind the scenes of this beautiful theatre, where the talent and sensitivity of the production teams shine.

▶ Visit Gabriel Bucher's (Luzca Producionnes) website: www.luzca.cl