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Kolobov Novaya Opera Theatre Moscow

Kolobov Novaya Opera Theatre Moscow

30th Anniversary Gala

Faces of Music, celebrating 30 years of Kolobov Novaya Opera Theatre


This performance is no longer viewable as video-on-demand for rights reasons but other material about the production is still available.

Never bound by convention, Kolobov Novaya Opera Theatre’s live anniversary gala begins with large-scale orchestral pieces and choral scenes from operas and goes on to lyrical duets and a vocal cycle. From the general to the particular and, most importantly, to the conductor; Novaya is a conductor’s theatre.


Taking part in the celebration are almost all the theatre’s conductors led by Maestro Alexandru Samoilă. A special guest is Valentin Uryupin, now one of the most sought after and successful Russian conductors. In the spotlight are those who worked, studied or were friends with the theatre’s founder Evgeny Kolobov alongside musicians of the new generation – conductors who are writing today’s history of the theatre.

Music DirectorAlexandru Samoilă
ConductorsVasily Valitov, Dmitry Volosnikov, Andrey Lebedev, Evgeny Samoilov, Valentin Uryupin
Stage DirectorAlexey Veiro
DesignerEtel Ioshpa
Lighting DesignerMaya Shavdatuashvili
ChoirmasterYulia Senyukova


1. Giuseppe Verdi
Final of the 2nd act
Conductor Alexandru Samoilă
Aida – Svetlana Kasyan
Radamès – Mikhail Novikov
Amneris – Anastasia Bibicheva
Amonasro – Sergey Murzaev
Ramfis – Sergey Artamonov
The King of Egypt – Andrey Fetisov

2. Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Slavic March
Conductor Evgeny Samoilov

3. Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Folk scenes and Finale of the 2nd act
Conductor Evgeny Samoilov
Kochubey – Sergey Artamonov
Iskra – Dmitry Pianov
A drunken Cossack – Anton Bochkaryov

4. Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh
Duet of Fevroniya and Kuterma with the male chorus from the 3rd act
Conductor Dmitry Volosnikov
Grishka Kuterma – Mikhail Gubsky
Fevroniya – Marina Nerabeyeva

5. Modest Mussorgsky
Scene at the Streltsy Quarter and Finale of the 3rd act
Conductor Andrey Lebedev
Ivan Khovansky – Vladimir Kudashev
Scrivener – Anton Bochkaryov
Kuzka – Andrey Fetisov

6. Alexander Borodin
Prince Igor
Polovtsian Dances
Conductor Vasily Valitov


1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Don Giovanni

Finale of the 2nd act
Conductor Alexandru Samoilă
Donna Elvira – Anastasia Lepeshinskaya
Don Giovanni – Andrey Breus
Il Commendatore – Vitaly Efanov
Leporello – Andjey Beletsky

2. Jules Massenet

Duet of Cendrillon and Le Prince from the 2nd act
Conductor Valentin Uryupin
Cendrillon – Екaterina Petrova
Le Prince Charmant – Anna Sinitsyna

3. Richard Wagner
Tristan und Isolde

Prelude and Liebestod (concert version for orchestra)
Conductor Vasily Valitov

4. Henri Dutilleux
, song cycle for soprano and orchestra
Conductor Valentin Uryupin
Sopranos : Irina Bozhenko, Maria Buinosova

5. Mikhail Glinka
Nocturne La Séparation (Evgeny Kolobov's orchestration)
Conductor Alexandru Samoilă

Conductor, show your face!

In opera, all you ever get to see of a conductor is the back of his head. It is time for a shift of perspective.

A concert in a repertoire opera house is an exceptional event (almost like the opening of state borders). Especially so, when it is an anniversary concert. On 24 April 2021, the Evgeny Kolobov Novaya Opera Theatre of Moscow will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a gala concert called ‘Faces of Music’. 

Thirty years does not sound like a long time for an opera house. One of the youngest opera theatres in Russia, the Novaya Opera emerged at the time when arts were not among the things to worry about, as the old system collapsed and a new Russia was created. However, Maestro Evgeny Kolobov thought otherwise: in 1991, the musician founded his theatre. Three decades later, the Novaya opera is celebrating not only its anniversary, but also the 75th anniversary of the birth of its founder, Evgeny Kolobov, recognised as one of the best Russian conductors.

‘I am convinced that in the opera house Music is the main lawmaker,’ said Kolobov. This is what the Novaya Opera is like – a theatre where music is primary, and the conductor is its medium and personification. The gala concert ‘Faces of Music’ presents the Novaya Opera as a conductor’s theatre. On the forestage are maestros who worked, studied or were friends with Kolobov and as well as musicians of the new generation - conductors who are writing today’s history of the theatre.

Alexandru Samoilă, a fellow student of Evgeny Kolobov in the Urals Conservatory, has been the Novaya Opera’s chief conductor since 2019. Alexandru Samoilă conducts all the productions of Verdi’s operas in the theatre. For the gala concert, he has also chosen Verdi’s music – the finale of Act 2 of Aida, and a classical opera piece, the finale of Mozart’s Don Giovanni. The final number will be a salute to the founder of the Novaya Opera: the poignant nocturne La Séparation by Glinka, orchestrated by Evgeny Kolobov.

A block of Russian music will be presented by four conductors.

Evgeny Samoilov and Dmitry Volosnikov are representatives of the Kolobov theatre. Evgeny Samoilov has worked in the Novaya Opera since 1993. Under his baton, the orchestra will play Tchaikovsky’s Slavonic March and extracts from the opera Mazeppa. Dmitry Volosnikov was Evgeny Kolobov’s student in the Urals Conservatory; since 1998, he has been a conductor at the Novaya Opera; he was the artistic director of the Preobrazhenie Festival in Yaroslavl, which for many years bore the name of Evgeny Kolobov. Once at the festival, Dmitry Volosnikov conducted Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh and the Maiden Fevroniya, and an excerpt from the opera will be performed at the gala concert.

Andrey Lebedev and Vasily Valitov represent the new history of the Novaya Opera; their creative career in the theatre began in the 2010s. They are some of the most successful conductors in Russia; their repertoire is extensive. For the theatre’s anniversary the maestros have chosen excerpts from Mussorgsky’s Khovanshchina (Andrey Lebedev) and the famous Polovtsian Dances from Borodin’s opera Prince Igor (Vasily Valitov). Vasily Valitov conducted the landmark production of Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde: the Moscow premiere of the opera took place on Novaya’s stage. At the gala concert he will conduct the Prelude and Liebestod in an orchestral version.

Valentin Uryupin is one of the most sought after Russian conductors of the young generation, an outstanding clarinettist, the artistic director and chief conductor of the Rostov Academic Symphony Orchestra, and a friend of the Novaya Opera. The maestro offers a a French repertoire: an excerpt from Massenet’s Cendrillon, and Dutilleux’s vocal cycle Correspondances – performed for the first time in full in Russia.

The six conductors are as many faces of music surrounding that of Evgeny Kolobov, the only conductor in the world to have his own theatre built for him.