Rossini Opera Festival

Via Rossini, 24
61121 Pesaro

The Accademia Rossiniana ‘Alberto Zedda’ was founded in 1989 in the framework of the Rossini Opera Festival (ROF) and directed until 2016 by Alberto Zedda, after which it is named.

The Accademia, directed by the Intendant of the ROF Ernesto Palacio, is held every year in Pesaro during the Festival period, and deals with the issues arising from modern interpretation of the vocal and dramatic requirements of Rossini’s operas. It is open to professional singers and researchers and offers lessons in vocal interpretation, musicology, acting, lectures on related subjects and masterclasses.

The period of thirty-three years since its foundation offers suffucient hindsight to be clear on the value of the Accademia Rossiniana ‘Alberto Zedda’, which from its outset looked far into the future. Integral to ROF, the Accademia has trained an entire generation of young singers who have polished their technical, musical and cultural resources in Pesaro.

The Accademia Rossiniana aims to train modern operatic artists, with the skills to balance vocal, musicological and visual aspects of performance. Over the course of over 30 years, the Accademia Rossiniana has helped to launch many vocal talents that sing today in theatres all over the world, spreading a unique and recognisable method of intrepreting Rossini.

The programme includes theoretical seminars, access to the Festival rehearsals and a course in vocal interpretation, concentrating mainly on a production of Il viaggio a Reims. Ernesto Palacio is assisted in this by Maestros Rubén Sánchez-Vieco and Luca Canonici.

Participants take part in the Concluding Concert of the Accademia, and in any possible associated events. Selected participants will be involved in the production of Il viaggio a Reims, staged at the Rossini Opera Festival as part of the ‘Festival Giovane’.