Bryn Mir Williams & Johannes Grosso.

How to win an audition

How do you start a career as a singer on the world's great stages and how do you make the leap into a renowned orchestra like the Frankfurter Opern- und Museumsorchester? A 6-part video series by Oper Frankfurt gets to the bottom of these questions. The focus is on the Opernstudio and the Paul Hindemith Academy of Oper Frankfurt.

It's a long way from hobby to career and there are a number of challenges that young talents have to overcome. One of these is the audition process for a position in an orchestra. The Paul Hindemith Orchestra Academy prepares their students for this nerve-wracking scenario in the best possible way by offering audition training twice a season. In this episode, we accompany oboist Bryn Mir Williams on one such training session and learn how auditions work, what to look out for and what they mean for everyone involved. And we had the honour of accompanying Bryn Mir Williams during a coaching session with his tutor, Johannes Grosso.

Bryn Mir Williams