Young Norwegian singers and the spirit of Kirsten Flagstad

The great Norwegian operatic soprano Kirsten Flagstad continues to inspire the next generation of opera singers from Norway. Here are some touching postcards from around Norway showing that the Flagstad spirit is alive and well, even in some unexpected locations.

Eivind Kandal is a young tenor from the North Fjords of Norway. Growing up on his parents'farm there, he was always singing. Now managing that farm himself, he has not stopped. Eivind is perpetuating the spirit of the great Norwegian operatic soprano Kirsten Flagstad by bringing opera to the heart of his rural community.  Watch this video to learn more about one very special barn in the fjords.

Hamida Kristoffersen is a young soprano from the remote island of Bjarkøy in Northern Norway and her story is a testament to the power of teachers to change lives. Inspired by her music teacher at school, Hamida has started a promising career in opera as prize winner in the Queen Sonja International Music Competition in 2013.  Here she revisits the iconic Norwegian National Opera, where that competition took place, and evokes the versatility of the great Norwegian operatic soprano Kirsten Flagstad who commanded such varied repertoire - an inspiration to all young singers everywhere.

Ian Bjørsvik is an 18-year-old tenor from Askøy, an island off the coast of Bergen in Norway. As an aspiring tenor, he draws inspiration from Kirsten Flagstad’s international career. He is actively seeking out the Norwegian opera scene and is filled with hope when he sees that people touched by the opera try to spread the experience. His dream is to see the Norwegian opera world continue to grow and become more accessible over the next twenty years.

OperaVision streams a Jubilee Concert to celebrate the 125 anniversary of Kirsten Flagstad's birthday and you can enjoy it here.