Teatro dell’Opera di Roma

Inconfessabile Verdi

This performance is no longer viewable as video-on-demand for rights reasons but other material about the production is still available.

World Opera Day closes on OperaVision with opera at its most intimate. Inconfessabile Verdi from  the 2021 Festival Verdi in Parma is a series one-to-one performances in which opera singer and audience member meet soul-to-soul in the intimacy of a church confessional. Close but safe (they are separated by the central partition of a purpose-built confessional), the lucky audience members in Parma will hear young talents from Fabbrica, the young artists programme of Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, deliver soul-searching arias and duets from Aida, Otello and Rigoletto. Thanks to OperaVision cameras, audiences globally can enjoy these performances too, in which young artists and the Studio that nurture them show they are a force for good in today’s world.


Giulia Randazzo
Set designer
Giulia Bellè
Costume designer
Gaia Tagliabue
Marianna Mappa
Irene Savignano
Rodrigo Ortiz
Alessandro Della Morte
Elena Gurina, Alessia Capoccia