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Eva-Maria Westbroek & Thomas Oliemans - photo: Dutch National Opera | Michel Schnater

8 Opera Houses

OperaVision Summer Gala

Music is re-awakening in Europe!


This performance is no longer viewable as video-on-demand for rights reasons but other material about the production is still available.

Embark on a musical journey across European stages for a night of live music with stellar performers.


Determined to re-enter theatres to capture live music-making again, OperaVision presents an exclusive midsummer night’s Gala. From the stages of eight leading opera companies in as many different countries, intrepid artists perform an individually curated and entertaining programme, hosted by Kasper Holten from the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen.

Amsterdam, Dutch National OperaEva-Maria Westbroek (soprano), Thomas Oliemans (baritone), Ernst Munneke (piano), Vadim Tsibulevsky (violin)
Berlin, Komische OperAlma Sadé (soprano), Barrie Kosky (piano)
GlyndebourneDanielle de Niese (soprano), Allan Clayton (tenor), Matthew Fletcher (piano)
Madrid, Teatro RealDamián del Castillo (baritone), Gerardo López (tenor), Ruth Iniesta (soprano), Patricia Barton (piano)
Paris, Opéra-ComiqueJodie Devos (soprano), Cyrille Dubois (tenor), Marine Thoreau La Salle (piano)
Rome, Teatro dell’OperaRosa Feola (soprano), Roberto Frontali (baritone), Enrica Ruggiero (piano)
Stockholm, Royal Swedish OperaNina Stemme (soprano), Alan Gilbert (conductor), Inese Klotina (piano), The Royal Swedish Orchestra
Warsaw, Polish National OperaAndrzej Filończyk (baritone), Katarzyna Sienkiewicz (piano)

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