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Patrick Redmond
02.02.2018 at 19h00 CET
Friday, February 2, 2018 - 19:00

Landmark Productions / Wide Open Opera

The Second Violinist

A contemporary operatic thriller that follows a young violinist's descent into obsession

Operas | Donnehy

Sung in English with English subtitles

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02.02.2018 at 19h00 CET

MartinAaron Monaghan
HannahMárie Flavin
AmySharon Carty
MatthewBenedict Nelson
ChorusWide Open Opera Chorus
OrchestraCrash Ensemble

MusicDonnacha Donnehy
TextEnda Walsh
ConductorRyan McAdams
DirectorEnda Walsh
DesignerDavid Sheppard & Helen Atkinson (sound)
Costume DesignerJoan O'Clery
Lighting DesignerAdam Silverman
Chorus MasterKillian Farrell
Video DirectorJack Phelan
Landmark Productions / Wide Open Opera

Martin is a second violinist in an ensemble, in love with the music of Carlo Gesualdo.

Martin’s life is falling apart. He drinks and plays endless video games. He doesn’t practice violin nearly enough. He does not answer his messages. Martin makes a dating profile under the pseudonym of Carlo. Martin writes and rewrites this profile: first as an enthusiastic violinist, then as the composer of an opera, and, finally, “alone.” When he is at his most desperate, a voice reaches out to him from his computer screen.

Matthew and Amy are a married couple. They are hosting a houseguest, Hannah. We see Martin swirling around this configuration. Amy is in love with Hannah and her marriage to Matthew is breaking down. Once Matthew discovers his wife’s affair, he murders the lovers, which echoes the composer Gesualdo’s notorious murder of his wife and her lover.

As the opera progresses it becomes increasingly apparent that Martin is viewing his own past. He arranges to meet the owner of the voice from his screen in a forest. Here is where things will end…